Monday, July 26, 2010

Long overdue post

I can't believe my last post was October of last year! Obviously being back in IN has caused me to come down with a case of blog-blah.

It's almost August now. I've been working on getting my business up and running. As of July 1st, I am now able to do hypnosis legally here in Indiana! I already have 2 HypnoBirthing couples, and another starting next week. Plus a hypnosis client this week. I'm working in people's homes right now until I find an office space. That, in and of itself, has been harder than I had imagined. Finding a space in NYC was very easy compared to here. I'm sure something will pop up soon though.

We've been living in Bloomington almost a year, and we will be here around one more year. Still not sure what next year will hold for us. Our life of being nomads is not over yet.

Chris has been working on his dissertation. The translating of French and Latin was very slow going, but now he's writing away and working on being finished by December. He will be giving a talk at a history conference in September in NY, and so we are looking forward to a road trip.

Not much to report otherwise. The hot, humid summer has kept us indoors mostly and we are desperately looking forward to cooler Fall weather. It will be so nice to hike again without sweating like crazy and becoming mosquito food.

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